In order to succeed, you must risk failing (again)

If anyone is telling you they can guarantee that you will succeed (as long as you follow their method or their strategy or whatever), they are not being upfront with you. Here’s the hard truth: If you want to succeed, you have to be willing to risk failing.

In fact, if there is anything that actually does guarantee success, it’s being willing to fail–repeatedly if necessary.

But let’s not make this harder than it needs to be. In this episode, I (and a bunch of former clients) talk about how to make this easier.

Key Takeaways

It’s easy to see our past failures as evidence that we can’t succeed. But failure is the foundation for virtually every success.

We never know ahead of time which attempt will be the one that actually works.

 Instead of asking yourself “What if I fail?, ” ask yourself “What if this works?”

Your willingness to learn and grow is ultimately more powerful than your  determination to reach a certain specific goal or outcome. 


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