What’s your goal setting personality?

What's YOUR Goal-Setting Personality?

In our work with hundreds of goal-setters, we've noticed some common  goal-setting personalities.

If you’re a Go Getter, for example, you may tend to set really ambitious goals–but may have trouble seeing them through to the end.  If you’re more of a Manifester, you’re more likely to finish what you start…but you may spend a lot of energy on projects that actually don’t mean that much to you.  

Knowing your type is can help you leverage your strengths and at the same time be on guard for some common pitfalls.  The following quiz will help you determine your goal-setting personality. And for each type, we’ve curated a special playlist of Change Academy podcast episodes that we think you’ll find particularly useful. 

Ready? Let's go!

How well do each of these statements describe you?