How to build the circle that supports your best work

Today, I’m sharing a bit about my circle of support and inviting you to evaluate your own network. Who are you grateful for? Where might your support network need a little building out? Whose support network are you a part of and how do you support them?

Many of us have bigger and more varied support networks than we even realize–or fully take advantage of.

And for those whose networks are a little threadbare, I have some ideas on how to shore those up.

Key Takeaways

  1. A more effective gratitude practice is to reflect not just on the things that we’re grateful for but the people and circumstances that make them possible.
  2. There may be people in your support network that you’ve never actually met. But they’ve contributed to your growth through their work or example.
  3. Feeling gratitude is good for you; Expressing gratitude multiplies the good.
  4. Thinking of ways you can support others is a great way to build your own circle of support.


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