The Satisfaction of Solving a Long-Standing Problem

In this episode, Monica interviews one of the excellent individuals that we coach in our Weighless program. Marieka has, at the time of this recording, lost 15% of her body weight. And she has done it through the types of lifestyle overhauls, habit changes, mindset shifts and all the fun stuff we talk about in this podcast, each and every episode. 

The reason we asked Marieka on this episode is that we think it’s really valuable for you, someone who is in the process of making big changes (in any area of your life) to have concrete evidence that change really is possible (even when it’s a change you’ve been trying to make for a long time!) Monica and I can give you advice like crazy and assure you that “this stuff works” but it means a lot more coming from someone who has experienced it from the other side.


  • Solving a problem (like sustainable weight loss) can free up your brain to focus on other (perhaps more fun) aspects of life.
  • We need to take time to become aware of why we do things and engage in certain behaviors instead of just going straight to a solution or directly to changing the action.
  • It is important to have a way to measure your success or see your progress. When you feel like you are spinning your wheels, having hard evidence collected can make all the difference when you feel like quitting.
  • Being part of a group of people working on a similar project – and communicating well with them – can increase the value that comes from group coaching.