Heads up: Your future is happening NOW

In this episode, we take a close look at why many of us aren’t connecting the dots between what we do today and the future we dream about. Why aren’t we translating our desire for that future reality into concrete, consistent action in our daily lives today?

A lot of us have a vision of ourselves in 10 or 20 years. But what we don’t realize is that future is (or isn’t) being created RIGHT NOW. Every day.  We think we’re going to get started on our healthy habits or whatever actions are going to help us reach our goals–”soon.”  The problem is that “soon” never comes–unless soon becomes NOW.

Action items:

  • We need to stop searching for the perfect action and simply take some action. Remember that action leads to clarity.
  • We need to stop putting other people’s needs before our own. Remember that every time we yes to something we say no to something else.
  • We need to stop viewing failure as an end. Failure is part of the process and not something to be feared. Embrace failure as the learning tool it is. Welcome it.
  • We need to stop waiting and hoping for that better/perfect time in the future when it will be magically easier to take action. That magical time will never come because that time is, in fact, right now.