How to Get the Most out of Coaching

Investing in coaching (whether in a group or individual setting) can help you reach your goals faster or more efficiently. It can also help you create results that you might not be able to create on your own. 

But a lot of people who hire coaches or sign up for coaching programs are disappointed with the results. This is usually because they expect to get things that coaching actually can’t do or provide.

In this episode, we explore what coaching can and can’t provide and how to know whether you’re a good candidate for a successful coaching experience.

Questions to Ask Yourself

How invested are you in success/solutions (as opposed to excuses/rationalizations)? Do you really want to create this outcome or do you just want to say you “tried”?

What have you already tried and why didn’t it work—or why did it work only partially or temporarily?

Did you experience some taste success but feel like you need help to get over that last hurdle–or move up to the next level?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or stymied by the number of choices and glut of information available to you? This can manifest itself as short attempts at many different approaches – none of which are given a chance to have an impact.