Consuming Content vs. Creating Change

It’s easy to confuse consuming content (whether in the form of books, podcasts, or other media) with taking action. It feels like you’re doing something (researching, learning, thinking, or planning). All of those things have their place but in this episode, we’re going to challenge you to put what you’ve learned into action.

You’re listening to the Change Academy podcast, so we assume that you have some sort of aspirations or goals. Things about your health or your habits or your lifestyle that you’d like to change. A vision for a future that’s a little different–and a little better–than the reality of today. 

But if you’ve been listening for a while, and not much has changed, you may be suffering from consumption.  And we don’t mean the old-fashioned disease that all the heroines of 19th-century opera die of. 

Our challenge for each and every listener of this podcast is to send us an email this week. Tell us three things:

  1. What you most want to create in your life that is not yet a reality.
  2. How long you’ve wanted this.
  3. What action you are taking this week to move toward it.

We will respond to every email we get.