50K Tuneup: Filters and Shock Absorbers

We’ve reached the final part of our tuneup. Before we head back out on to the road, we need to check our filters and shock absorbers.


  1. You can’t say yes to everything–and if you don’t choose what you are saying yes (and no) to, someone (or something) else probably will. 
  2. Setting (and maintaining) boundaries with friends family, and co-workers isn’t selfish. It’s the key to healthy relationships (and your own sanity).
  3. Remember that things DON’T go according to plan more often than they DO. Make the best plan you can but then be prepared to be flexible and creative.
  4. Over-correcting when you veer off course wastes a lot of energy–and often makes future corrections necessary.  
  5. Don’t go it alone. Find (or build) your support network–and don’t forget to tell them how they can support you. 

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