Why your attempts to solve the problem keep failing

If there’s an issue that you can’t seem to get a handle on, a goal that you’ve had forever, or a problem that just won’t stay solved, this episode is for you. We’re talking about why this happens–and how to get yourself out of this frustrating cycle.

Often, it’s because there’s a mismatch between the solutions that we are applying and the problem that actually needs to be solved in order for us to create the desired outcome.

In this episode, we cover how to know whether you’ve got the right solution for the problem, and how to stop spinning your wheels and start gaining traction on whatever it is you’re working on.

What to Listen For

  • A resource for newer Change Academy listeners
  • Identifying problem/solution mismatches so that you can stop spinning your wheels
  • Why cutting expenses isn’t always the best way to balance your budget
  • The red flag that signals you’re trying to solve the wrong problem
  • The critical step we need to take before brainstorming solutions
  • The true solution to stress eating (it’s not about eating)
  • Shifting the focus from problematic behaviors to the conditions driving the behaviors
  • Identifying the problem that actually needs to be solved in order for you to succeed

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