Ep 11: The Attention, Intention, Action Cycle

This is an approach we developed to help people in our Weighless program create sustainable weight loss but this process can be applied to any change that you want to make in your life. In this episode, we explain how it works.

Attention Intention Action image

Key Takeaways:

  1. You really need all three of these to make change sustainable. All the awareness in the world doesn’t create change until you form a concrete intention. And intentions are nothing without action. And taking action without paying attention tends to fizzle out.
  2. When you learn to harness all three of these functions, there’s almost nothing you can’t do.

Lab Experiment:

If you are trying to change something or develop a new habit and it just won’t stick: think about which part of the cycle you might be neglecting. See if you can close the loop (and that’s one of the things that we’ll specifically be talking about in our upcoming workshop).