Ep 52: What Problem are you Trying to Solve?

We encourage you to identify things that aren’t working (or could be working better) and design solutions. But sometimes, we end up designing solutions that are unnecessarily complicated or costly.

We may even lose sight of our original objective and end up designing a “solution” that doesn’t solve the original problem at all. In this episode, we teach you how to notice when you are losing focus so you can get back on track.


  • Designing solutions that are unnecessarily complicated or costly may cause us to lose sight of our original objective.
  • Sometimes our brain distracts us from working on the bigger issue by dazzling us with something that seems like it will help but doesn’t actually move us closer to our goals. 
  • Asking ourselves questions like: what is my current focus, what am I trying to create, or what is my real goal, can get us back on track. 
  • Simplify your plan before you complicate it into oblivion. 

Lab Experiment (download a copy)

  1. Think about a system or solution that you’ve designed that’s complicated or costly. It could be for your business, for your home or family, or something personal. It could be one you’ve already implemented or one you’re just thinking about.
  2. Identify the problem that this system was originally intended to solve (or what goal it was intended to achieve).
  3. Ask yourself (and/or your team): Does that problem (still) need to be solved? Has the original goal been abandoned or achieved?  
  4. Is there a simpler way to solve the problem or achieve the goal? 

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