Three things you need to change in order to succeed (ft. Molly Watts)

If you’ve been listening to the Change Academy for a while, you’ll remember Molly Watts from several previous episodes. But if you’re newer to the Academy, let me quickly tell you who she is. 

Molly is the host of the top-rated Alcohol Minimalist podcast and author of the book Breaking the Bottle Legacy.  Molly’s work focuses on helping people create a more peaceful and sustainable relationship with alcohol. And the approach that Molly takes is very consonant with our philosophy here on the Change Academy.

Molly has graciously agreed to let us share an excerpt from her podcast in which she shares the three things she had to stop doing in order to finally change her drinking habits. You can substitute just about any unwanted or  problematic behavior or habit for “drinking” and Molly’s advice would be just as valuable. She’s also generously offered a free digital copy of her book to any Change Academy listeners who would like one. (See below).

As you listen, think about how Molly’s insights about changing her drinking behavior might apply to a behavioral pattern or habit loop that you’ve struggled to change.

Key Takeaways

  • We often make change harder than it needs to be by setting unrealistic expectations and then beating ourselves up for failing.
  • Failure is not proof that you cannot succeed…unless you choose to make it that.
  • Small consistent effort ultimately gets us to our goals sooner than big dramatic gestures that fizzle out.
  • Self-judgment is toxic to the process of growth and change. Instead we need to approach ourselves and our behavior with curiosity and compassion. 
  • If the behavior we are trying to change is one that we are using as a coping mechanism, we’re going to need to address whatever it is that are using it to cope with.


Download a free copy of Breaking the Bottle Legacy, by Molly Watts

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