Why a healthy self-image is essential to your future growth

How we see ourselves has an enormous impact on our mental health and wellbeing, how we function in our relationships, even what sort of goals we set for ourselves. Often, we believe that achieving those goals will improve our self-image and make us feel better about ourselves. But usually, it happens the other way around.

Our self-image is often very distorted. Others may barely notice “imperfections” that are all we can see when we look in the mirror. And, by the same token, we can also take steps to heal poor self-image without actually changing anything about the way we look. Often it starts by examining our beliefs about how we SHOULD look. 

Joining me today to talk about all of this is Cassie Christopher, whom you know from several past episodes. Cassie is a registered dietitian, workplace wellness expert, speaker, and coach. Repairing body image is a big part of Cassie’s work. She and I are also teaming up to offer a special program this October focusing on on Body Image Repair and Resilience. 

Key Takeaways

  • We form our self-image by comparing ourselves against cultural ideals, which often reflect groups with more power and/or money.
  • Even those whose outward appearance conforms to the cultural ideal often suffer from poor self-image.
  • Even if we don’t have the power to change the system, seeing how it operates gives us more power to decide how we engage with it
  • Self-worth that is based largely on how we compare to others is never as solid as self-worth that is based on our own intrinsic values.
  • We are often completely unaware of the degree to which negative self-perception is impacting our quality of life.
  • Accepting and celebrating the ways in which we diverge from the “ideal” can be an empowering first step.


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