Here’s why achieving your goals may not make your life better

We are a society of goal-setters. If you’re not setting and achieving goals, you’re not living your best life. Or so we’re told. And goals do have their place. The thing is that goals (alone) are not enough to really move us forward in the ways that matter most. In order to that, they have to be woven into a larger fabric that also includes our core values. In this episode, we talk about how to do that.


  1. A goal often involves achieving a certain result or crossing a certain finish line. But goals often lose their power to motivate us as soon as we achieve them.
  2. An objective goes beyond “I want to achieve this” more into the territory of “this is who and how I want to be.”
  3. Think about what objective or identity each of your goals contributes to. This ensures that even short-term achievements are connected to long-term objectives.
  4. Listening to podcasts does not create change. You have to actually put these insights and tools to work in your own life.


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