How to do the things that you don’t want to do

Why is it sometimes so darned hard to just do the things that we KNOW will make us healthier, happier and more effective in our jobs and lives?

Behavioral activation offers us a framework for understanding and responding to that familiar situation of not wanting to do the thing that we know will actually move us forward.

Joining me on the show today is Dr. Bethy Campbell, a clinical psychologist, teacher, and coach who regularly stops by the Change Academy to help us make sense of our own brains.

Four Ways We Get Stuck (and How to Get Unstuck)

  1. Overcoping (aka doubling down):: Excessive or overly intense efforts to manage stress or negative emotions.
    What to do: Set realistic goals, prioritize, and establish boundaries
  2. Avoidance (aka procrastination): Staying away from situations, activities, or thoughts that are distressing.
    What to do: Break the task or behavior into small steps
  3. Withdrawal (aka isolating): Staying away from people and activities that you previously enjoyed; refusing to ask for help or support.
    What to do: Actively seek out social interactions and engaging activities
  4. Unintentionality (aka numbing): Lack of awareness or conscious control over behaviors: engaging in mindless activity that may not be that rewarding.
    What to do:  Set limits on mindless activities, create structured routines


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