The inner work that makes outward change more possible

In this conversation with a recent “graduate” of the Weighless program, Lauren shares some of the key insights that helped her permanently transform her physical and mental health.

Lauren is a healthcare professional herself, with a front row seat to some of the consequences of unhealthy habits and lifestyles. She had plenty of motivation to change. And yet, she still needed some support to turn that knowledge into consistent behavior change.

As you’ll hear, Lauren was a little surprised at how much of the work of behavior and lifestyle change is actually about some key mental shifts–including one that really struck me as critical.

Key Takeaways

  • We often just focus on the outward behaviors we want to change, but the inner work is key.
  • Your progress depends on what you want for yourself, not how you stack up to others.
  • Taking care of ourselves well doesn’t necessarily take more time than neglecting our needs.
  • Taking time to consider our desires and preferences can help us design behavior changes that are more sustainable
  • Modeling self-care and healthy behaviors for our kids is a gift with long-term benefits.

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