How to succeed: What I’ve learned from my most successful clients

I’m convinced that watching Wimbledon actually improves my game. Granted, when you’re as bad as I am, it doesn’t take much. But there is definitely a lot to be learned from people who are good at something that you’re trying to get better at.

Which is why I want to share with you some of what I’ve observed in my most successful clients. These are qualities and attitudes that you can adopt and emulate to enhance your own progress and success, whether you’re working with me or another coach, or on your own, using this podcast and maybe some of the self-study tools that we’ve created for our listeners. Think of this episode as a roadmap for how to succeed.

What to listen for

  • When coaching can be valuable
  • Having skin in the game
  • Taking responsibility for progress
  • The difference between passive and active learning
  • The four things coaching will NOT do for you
  • The six things working with a coach CAN offer
  • Three questions to assess whether you’d benefit from coaching


The 8 Things You Need to Create Lasting Change (self-study workbook)

The 50K Mile Tuneup (self-study workbook)

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