How do we create the conditions that foster positive change?

Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Whether you are trying to create positive changes in your personal life or in your workplace or community, you are more likely to succeed if you are working in a supportive environment.

You’ll often hear this referred to (especially in workplace settings) as “creating a culture of wellness.” But our efforts to instill a culture of wellness very often miss the mark. In this episode, we’ll talk about why and how to fix it.

Joining me is Rebecca Johnson, co-founder and Chief Integrator of ViDL Solutions, a woman-owned consulting, training and coaching firm that fosters connection and courage in the workplace.

Things to Listen For

  • The difference between culture and climate
  • The four concentric circles of culture 
  • The work we must do before we can change our own or others’ behavior
  • The importance of both modeling AND rewards in creating culture change
  • How to initiate the conversations that lead to culture change
  • Building relationships and alliances that lead to positive change
  • The type of conversations that secure buy-in from others


Practicing Intentional Conversations (white paper)

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