Pushing past discomfort: How to create behavior change that sticks

Not only is it fun to share success stories, but there’s always something valuable to learn by hearing how people navigate the process of change. In this episode, one of our clients share some reflections on how has she approached her goals– and some of the surprising benefits that happened along the way.

Two things that I want you listen for:

Stephanie wasn’t just looking to create a certain result. She was specifically interested in making a change that would be durable. She didn’t just want to hit a goal, she wanted to create a new way of approaching challenges. (Spoiler alert: she succeeded!)

The other thing I want you to hear is the decision Stephanie made to not let discomfort be an an excuse for giving up. As you’re listening, ask yourself what discomfort you might be willing to lean into in order to achieve something meaningful to you. 

More things to listen for

  • Not letting the circumstances or culture around us dictate how we live, but and making those choices more intentional
  • How you can find more freedom by embracing a spirit of experimentation
  • The surprising pay off from being less efficient
  • Transferring accountability from external sources to internal motivation
  • A process that allows you to sustain habits when the circumstances of your life change
  • When you’re committed to your objective, obstacles are not reasons to quit, just challenges to incorporate.

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