Designing your Future: How to Make a Successful Career or Life Pivot

This is a must-listen episode for anyone contemplating a career shift, But even if you’re not necessarily looking for a new job right now, this conversation will be highly relevant to anyone trying to live a life of greater purpose and meaning.

Dr. Elizabeth Campbell, better known to her clients and students as “Dr. Bethy,” is a clinical psychologist, a marriage and family therapist, with special expertise and certification in career development counseling.  I know you’ll appreciate the resonance between the approach we take in this podcast toward working on behavior change and her approach to career counseling. 

Things to listen for

  • How long you’re likely to be happy in your current job, according to research
  • Finding the courage to leave a dream job, when you realize it’s not your dream. 
  • Where to start with your career explorations
  • Why your idea of who you are (and what you want) may be out of date
  • Re-invention vs Re-alignment
  • How False Expectations of Risk (FEAR) can keep us stuck
  • How micro-steps can help you gain clarity (and courage)
  • The peril of expecting your job to make you happy
  • Thinking beyond work that earns money

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