Are You Worth This Effort?

In our recent episode “Will I succeed?” we offered some questions to evaluate your chances of succeeding at whatever goal you are working toward. One of them was: Do I believe I am worth the effort – and worthy of the outcome?

What if your answer to that question is No? What can you do to change that to a Yes?

In this episode, we explore some possible answers to this question. 


Your value as a human is not defined by your flaws or failure. You are worthy of positive regard and care – no matter what. 

Your thoughts are just thoughts. They do not need to dictate your actions. 

A big scary goal can make all of us feel unworthy, so break it down, take some first steps, and keep going.

Difficult actions are easier to take when we are aware of the ways in which they support our values.

Lab Experiment

 If you’re having trouble locating any self-compassion, it may be helpful instead to tune into your feelings of compassion toward others: friends, loved ones, family, animals, or the less fortunate.  And then, rather than singling yourself out for special consideration, is it possible for you to simply include yourself in your list of beings/things that you are willing to feel compassion toward?