Will I Succeed?

Creating change can be difficult. It can also be great…but it is rarely easy.  So it makes sense that we want some assurance that we have a reasonable chance of success before we’re willing to invest our resources–and get our hopes up. 

But when we ask, “Will I succeed?” we often look in the wrong places for the answer.

In this episode, we talk about ways to evaluate your chances of success. More importantly, we want to offer some ideas for maximizing your chances of success.


  1. It is natural to look for reassurance that you are making the correct choice before investing time and/or money in an endeavor.
  2. Instead of looking for external evidence that you are making the “right” choice, look for internal evidence that you believe that you can make this change. 
  3. Your willingness to take ownership over solving this puzzle or achieving this goal is a great way to measure the possibility of your success. 
  4. Instead of spending time wondering if you will succeed, focus on what you will do to ensure that you will succeed. 

Lab Experiment

When you are evaluating a strategy for behavior change, ask yourself: 

  1. How confident am I that I can make a positive change in my life? 
  2. Am I clear on what my goals and strategies are? 
  3. Do I believe I am worth the effort – and worthy of the outcome?

Your answers to these questions may hold the key to whether or not you will be successful.

And if your answer to any of these questions is NO, see if you can adjust your strategy to make it a YES.

Resources Mentioned

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