Feeling uninspired or unmotivated by your goals? This could be the missing element

I met Kelly Howard a few months ago, when she invited me to be a guest on her podcast.

I loved the concept of her podcast, which is that fitness is not just another chore that we’re supposed to do. It is a gateway to more freedom. Kelly takes that message beyond her podcast and into the real world, where she runs a company that offers hiking, biking, backpacking, and kayaking adventures, as well as fitness coaching programs to help people prepare for those adventures. 

In other words, fitness is not the real goal. Fun and freedom are the goals, and fitness makes those possible. 

It’s a perfect example of something we talk about all the time here, which is how important it is to have a compelling why, and to align our goals to our larger objectives.

In this conversation, you’ll hear how Kelly applies those principles to the work that she does. But these insights apply just as well to any other goals that you may be working on.


  • For most of the things we want to achieve, being consistent is more important than achieving mastery.
  • The value of creating a detailed plan always has to be balanced with the flexibility that allows us to pivot when plans go awry
  • We need to be just as intentional about rest and recovery as we are about effort
  • Specific events can be great things to work toward. But don’t forget to think about–and plan for–what comes next.


Fit is Freedom podcast Episode #95

Brock’s morning warm up

Fit: Active and Ageless for Life, by Kelly Howard
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