Why We Sabotage Our Own Success

Change can be scary. And sometimes, fears about what transformation might cost us can lead us to sabotage our own success. We may have mixed feelings about leaving certain parts of our selves (or our lives) behind–even if they are things that we don’t particularly like.

These worries and fears are totally normal. But left unexamined or unchecked, they can keep us stuck. 

In this episode, we’re going to get all of that out in the open, so we can engage with it more intentionally…and more productively.


  1. The temptation to abandon our efforts–or tendency to self-sabotage–is often rooted in our fears that the cost of transformation will be too great. 
  2. Some of our fears may justified–in which case we need to address them.
  3. Some of our anxiety may be irrational or exaggerated – in which case we need to examine their validity.
  4. Either way, bringing these thoughts into your conscious awareness is the first step toward diminishing their hold on you. 

Lab Experiment

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels or self-sabotaging, take some time to think really honestly and candidly about this question:

What would you miss about your current situation if you succeeded in creating a new reality?

There are no right or wrong answers. Be curious about what you find. 

Is it true? Exaggerated? An excuse?

Is what you’d gain a fair trade for what you’d have to give up? Or could it be an even better deal than you think?