Roadmap for Success: The practices that lead to real change

Do you know what separates the people who achieve lasting change from those who stay stuck? I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years and some clear patterns have definitely emerged.

In this episode, I share the attitudes and behaviors that my most successful clients all embody – insights that can help propel your own progress, whether you’re working with a coach privately, or in a group, or going it alone.  You’ll learn practical strategies for taking ownership, staying motivated, and making real progress towards your goals.

Key Takeaways

  1. Only when we are willing to take responsibility for our actions (or inactions) can we make the changes needed to achieve our goals.
  2. Regular reflection is critical to internalizing what you are learning and maintaining progress.
  3. Rather than passively waiting for solutions, think ahead, ask for what you need, and seek feedback.
  4. Commit to viewing failures as opportunities to learn and refine your strategies, rather than as reasons to give up.
  5. A coach’s role is to provide perspective, accountability, collaborative problem-solving, and support. The motivation and the willingness to do the work must come from you.


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