Ep 56: Rhythms vs Schedules

We often talk about the importance of planning ahead–and sticking to the plan.  But we also advocate for mindfulness: being attuned to your experience in the present moment.  But what if being in the moment means you don’t feel like sticking to the plan? Which should you honor? 

In this episode, we explore the pros and cons of sticking to the schedule vs. going with the flow. It all comes down to finding a healthy balance between structure and flexibility.


  • Honoring your needs and wants in the moment can be a powerful tool in your journey to create change – so don’t forget to pay attention to them. 
  • Making and sticking to a plan can keep you from getting derailed by in-the-moment impulses that aren’t aligned with your goals.
  • Modifying your plans (rather than abandoning them altogether) can be a way to respect your in-the-moment reality AND your long-term objectives.

Lab Experiment (download a copy)

Apply the tenets of “flexible planning” to your goal or project

  1. Make sure you have clearly defined goals.
  2. Make short-term plans.
  3. Listen to your gut.
  4. Have a measurable way to track your progress. 
  5. Don’t force it.

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