Ep 50: Motivation and Accountability

This episode was suggested by Liz:

“I have clients that I fear will let go of their habits when they don’t have me there to hold them accountable. How do you coach someone to create that accountability for themselves or hold themselves accountable?”


  1. Being more accountable to someone else than you are to yourself can be a red flag that either your goal is off or your reason for doing it is missing.
  2. When you can align your goal with your identity and values, you can become someone who acts a certain way whether they feel motivated or have external accountability or not.
  3. Cultivating more awareness of the intrinsic rewards can make you less dependent on exerternal rewards (although you can still enjoy those as well).
  4. You don’t need to stay motivated in order to succeed. You just need to stay committed. 

Lab Experiment (download a copy)

When you find yourself searching for motivation, stop and ask yourself instead “Why is doing this thing or achieving this goal important to me?” 

Next, ask yourself “What’s required of me right now? Who do I need to be in this moment in order to become who I want to be in the future?”

Imagine how you will feel after taking that next step–even if no one else knows you did it. Will you be glad you did it? 

If so, simply commit to taking that next step, whether or not you feel motivated. 

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