How to get back on track instead of sabotaging your progress

Over the years, I have worked with a lot of people on various aspects of behavior change–mostly having to do with health behaviors.  I have witnessed and celebrated some amazing breakthroughs and successes.  

But I have also seen people stumble and struggle. Regularly. Something happens and they fall back into old habits or patterns that they’d successfully moved away from. 

It’s disappointing but it’s not a tragedy.  Because this is just part of the change process. What I do find tragic–and unnecessary–is when these lapses cause people to people give up entirely.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to survive these inevitable episodes and get yourself back in the game more quickly.

Key Takeaways

  1. Setbacks are a natural part of the change process and do not negate previous progress.
  2. Refrain from attaching a negative story to a lapse, as it can lead to further setbacks.
  3. Approach setbacks with curiosity and self-compassion; seek to understand the underlying causes.
  4. Rebound from setbacks by learning from them and redirecting energy back towards the goal.
  5. A supportive community can provide reflection, encouragement, and valuable insights

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