How much can we realistically do to improve our lives?

This podcast is based on the premise that –with the right tools, insights, and support, we can create meaningful lasting changes in our habits, improve our health, and take control of our lives.  The podcast Tiny Leaps, Big Changes by Gregg Clunis is based on the same premise. But in this episode, Gregg and I explore some uncomfortable questions:

  • What are the limits of our personal agency?
  • What are the forces that lead us to believe that creating healthy, safe, and secure lives and environments is primarily up to us?
  • How do we reconcile our personal work with the need to create better systems and healthier and more equitable societies? 

Things to Listen for

  • The limits of what we can accomplish as individuals
  • A loss of trust and confidence in collective action
  • The unintended consequences of “lifestyle medicine” messaging
  • The role that politics plays in our personal development
  • Who does our self-improvement efforts actually serve?
  • The importance of community in creating personal change
  • Solving problems for fun (and profit)


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