Ep 61: Accountability is BS with Heather Parady

Our guest on this episode is Heather Parady, a mental health therapist turned online entrepreneur and podcaster. In fact, she hosts no fewer than three podcasts!

Highlights of Brock’s conversation with Heather include why accountability isn’t all it cracked up to be and how to get clarity on what you should be working on.

Heather’s podcasts:

Unconventional Leaders is a podcast where she fans the flame of outside-the-box thinkers, ambitious creatives, and self-starters.  Her newest podcast,  NFTs for Newbies, explores the bewildering world of non-fungible tokens and crypto-currency.

Her Happy Brain podcast is where we originally came across her work, and in that podcast Heather explores a lot of topics that would be of interest to Change Academy listeners–which is why we invited her to join us on the podcast.

Make sure to check out Heather’s Clarity Exercise video on YouTube.

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