Ep 54: How to Use Stress to Your Advantage with Dr. Nicole Byers

Our guest on this episode is Dr. Nicole Byers. A self proclaimed neuroscience nerd, mom, and leadership/productivity coach, Dr. Byers helps busy professionals build confidence and get more done.

Dr. Nicole Byers is a psychologist who specializes in neuropsychology. A few years ago, she left her dream job working in a top hospital and teaching at a university to become an entrepreneur. Now she helps professionals develop the mental habits that allow them to feel less overwhelmed, more confident, and to take action toward their goals. She also hosts a terrific podcast called The Bold Life.

In this episode, Brock and Dr. Byers dive into the following topics:

  • Why we default to old (and perhaps unwanted) behaviors when stressful situations arise.
  • How we can avoiding all-or-nothing thinking and why giving ourselves some grace can actually keep us on track.
  • How our brain constantly tells us stories about the stressful events – and how we can challenge those stories.
  • When a circumstance is out of our control, the best approach can be to look at what can we control.
  • Why asking yourself “what story I am telling myself right now?” is a great tactic to help change those stories.
  • How a little stress can actually make us more effective – and productive.
  • The interesting fact that our bodies react to negative and positive stress the same way.
  • How the word stress got a bad reputation (should we start calling it the “twinkles” instead?)
  • How being too busy (or a workaholic) makes you less productive and less effective. And how this applies to trying to change too many behaviors all at once.

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