Ep 36: What You Gain by Slowing Down

We often feel like we have to make a decision, make a change, make a difference, or achieve a goal quickly. But if we want the benefits to be meaningful and lasting, shouldn’t we be willing to take our time? In this episode, we consider the downside of rushing into a decision to change without considering the realities of trying to create change in too much of a hurry. Then, we’ll explore some alternatives.


  1. Knowing or understanding how to do something isn’t the same as actually doing it and experiencing it. Better to gather less information and apply it than to gather lots of information but never to put anything into action.
  2. Sometimes, learning how to slow down and be more deliberate is part of what we need to learn to do in order to get to the result we’re seeking.
  3. Before deciding to commit to a new goal or challenge, be sure you understand what it will involve and whether you’re actually willing to do what it will take. 
  4. Things we acquire or develop through slow steady work have a better chance of becoming long-term habits.

Lab Experiment (download a copy)

Think of an area of your life where you feel like you are in a hurry to finish or achieve something. And ask yourself:

  1. Is trying to get there more quickly actually serving you or just causing you to cut corners?
  2. How could slowing down actually enhance either the process or the result (or both)?
  3. What do you need to adjust about either your actions, beliefs, or self-talk to allow yourself to slow down?
  4. What parts of the process (rather than the outcome) can you focus on that will bring you pleasure and satisfaction?

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