Ep 31: Midweek Resets and Evening Rituals

If you start your week or your day off full of focus, determination, and vigour but find it waning by the weekend or the evening, you are not alone. In this episode, we teach you a strategy to solve each of these issues by rethinking how you plan for and execute your time.

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  • Mentally breaking your day and week into smaller parts can make following through on your plans feel less overwhelming and exhausting.
  • Setting aside time to review your goals as well as your objectives and compelling reasons can help refresh your intentions.
  • Schedule a specific ritual (whether it’s a midweek goal-setting or after-work refresh) strategically for the time when you typically start to lose focus or resolve.
  • Having a written record of your goals/objectives/whys can help provide a reminder when you need one.

Lab Experiment:

Option 1: On Wednesday night, set aside an hour to prepare yourself mentally and logistically for what you want to accomplish personally in the week to come. Write down your goals, intentions, and objectives. Think of your “week” as a 2-day sprint, 2 days of rest and recovery, followed by a final 3-day effort.

Option 2: At the end of the day (or before you make dinner), set aside 5 minutes to do some yoga, go for a quick walk or just sit and do some breathing or journaling exercises. Review your goals, intentions and objectives. Think about why these are important to you and what it would feel like to stay in alignment with those goals.