Quitting for the Right Reasons

There are a lot of reasons you might consider giving up on a goal or objective. And sometimes, quitting is absolutely the right thing to do. Other times, though, we are quitting for the wrong reasons, for example:

  • Not seeing the benefits quickly enough
  • Fatigue
  • Anticipation of future fatigue
  • Perfectionism
  • Success would move us out of our comfort zone.

Quitting can start to become a habit–or even part of our identity. But so can Not Quitting. Which habit and identity would you rather strengthen?


  1. Quitting is not necessarily the wrong choice.
  2. Before deciding to throw in the towel, get clear on why you’re quitting–and be sure you’re happy with your reason.
  3. Every time we decide to quit, we make it a bit easier to quit the next time.
  4. Every time we don’t quit, we get better at pushing through.


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