Ep 8: Practice Makes Permanent

In this episode, we are moving down the list to #6 (of our eight key behaviors) and discussing why practice is important … and also why it may be more nuanced than you might have thought.  (Hint: it’s more than just repetition).

Creating lasting change requires practice, or repetition. But beware of the “streak.” If your primary motivation is keeping a streak intact, one slip-up can mean the end of your commitment. But if you are practicing rather than streaking, you can simply return to that practice at the next available opportunity.

Creating a new behavior doesn’t mean you never fail or lapse. It just means you practice the new behavior more times than you don’t.

Instead of mindless repetition, try to make your practice focused and attentive. Being deliberate about your practice means you won’t practice the wrong behavior.

We also need to practice the thoughts that make the desired behavior logical…even inevitable.

This week’s Lab Experiment:

  1. Choose a behavior that you’d like to turn into an established habit.

  2. Notice your thoughts about that behavior and about yourself in relation to that behavior. What kind of person consistently displays this behavior?

  3. Start collecting evidence that you “are someone who ___” by practicing this new behavior as consistently as you can.