Ep 21: You Reached Your Goal, Now What?

Sometimes we get excited about an idea, we follow through on a goal, and are very successful at it. But while everything should be peaches and cream, we realize that this isn’t the happy reality we thought it would be. Or maybe our feelings and values have simply changed. That is when we are faced with the problem of “what do we do next?”

In this episode, we ask our guest, Naomi Rotstein, why she decided to leave her successful career as a competitive body-builder and how she went about redefining her new objective and, ultimately, created a freer and more satisfying life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep an eye out for warning signs that what you have achieved isn’t healthy or sustainable.
  • Using your willpower can be addictive… not in a good way.
  • Even if you have a history of being a bit of a control freak, you can learn to relax and shake that all-or-nothing mentality.
  • You can change the values of your goals to make them more sustainable, without abandoning them altogether.
  • Sometimes we can’t see what’s next until we clear away what is here.

Lab Experiment:

Take a look at your current goals and consider whether they are truly allowing you to live your best life. If this goal is no longer what you want, stop pursuing it.

Think about your perfect life or your ideal day, what would you want to be doing?

What are three steps you could take that would bring you closer to your ideal life?

Which one of those steps could you take this week?