Ep 15: Make the Most of an Impulse

In this episode, we talk about impulse control and how giving in to unplanned urges can really get in the way of achieving lasting change. Not only that, but it can rob us of the pleasure of anticipating and maximizing an indulgence.

Some takeaways:

  • It’s not about deprivation. We are not suggesting that we live without pleasure  In fact, we are suggesting the opposite!
  • Impulse indulgences are usually much less pleasurable than the ones we would plan and choose.
  • Remember the “minimum effective dose.” You don’t have to blow the entire afternoon off of work, eat the entire piece of pie, drink the whole bottle, purchase everything in your Amazon shopping cart in order to not feel deprived.

Lab Experiment:

The next time you find yourself about to indulge impulsively, pause to consider how much better this indulgence would be if it was put off, planned for, and anticipated.

Then, once you have a clear idea of how you could make this passing whim into a truly enjoyable event, put it on your to-do list, your calendar or even invite a friend or family member to join you (even virtually).

Finally, when you do indulge, feel the satisfaction and pleasure that you likely would have missed out on had you mindlessly and impulsively given in.


Framing choices as Want Vs. Should (Weighless Life blog)