Ep 43: What’s Holding You Back?

Some of our goals or objectives require us to master a range of different skills. You’ll probably be naturally stronger in some areas than others. And sometimes, in order to reach our goals, overcoming or strengthening a weakness is essential.

But it’s not just about forcing yourself to work on the things that are hard for you. In this episode, we focus on identifying areas where you need more support–and seeking out resources that can help.


  1. We can make decent progress by perfecting the things we are pretty good at already.
  2. Because some projects or goals require us to master a variety of skills or competencies in order to succeed, working on areas where we are weakest is often essential.
  3. Knowing where we need more support can help us prioritize what types of resources we need to look for and use.
  4. Assessments can help us uncover our weak areas which may have been hidden (or ignored).

Bonus: Focusing on uncomfortable areas can be more tolerable by following it with something you enjoy.

Lab Experiment (download a copy)

Step 1: Identify the skills required to reach your objective.
Step 2: Assess your current capacities: What’s your weakest link?
Step 3: Consider whether you can (or should) outsource
Step 4: Seek out resources that will help you build skill/comfort in that area.

Resources: Assessments

Weight management skills

Functional Movement Screening test

Nutrition GPA

Communications skills assessment

Entrepreneurial/business skills

Leadership skills assessment

4 Replies to “Ep 43: What’s Holding You Back?”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I recognized about a year ago planning was one of my major downfalls. Luckily I found a way to automate that by subscribing to an app called emeals which does weekly meal planing, makes the grocery list and sends the list to the grocery store so i can set up a pick up order. This has reduced my intake of junk food and impulse buys and has up my whole foods as I leave it set to the clean eating and vegetarian meal plans. With out a doubt I know my next mountain is impulse control and the evaluation confirmed that for me. Thank you for all the tools you have put together in this podcast that have helped me actually act on the information given and that I already knew.

    1. That is great news! And stand by for more info on impulse control tools.

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