50K Tuneup: Engine

In Part 3 of our 50,000 Mile Tuneup Series, we turn our attention to our bodies: the engine that powers our physical movement through space.

How does the way we move and maintain our bodies change as we go through life? How can we set ourselves up to keep our engines running smoothly and powerfully, even as our mileage gets higher? 


The body hates being overworked just as much as it hates being still. So work smarter not harder

Movement is more than just exercise. Don’t just commit to working out. Challenge yourself to live a more active lifestyle.

Respect your limitations (by modifying appropriately) but don’t use them as an excuse to opt out of being active. 

Recovery is more than collapsing on the couch in the evening. Active recovery includes gentle movement, stretching, good nutrition, and quality sleep.

Worksheet: Movement Tracker