Ep 3: The Importance of Curiosity

Both curiosity and openness are essential to creating lasting change. Curiosity goes hand in hand with a willingness and ability to look at thoughts, feelings, actions, outcomes.

Lasting changes don’t happen in a vacuum.

The problem with things like most diets and exercise plans is that they give you an answer but they don’t teach you to ask the right questions. Questions give you the ability to find solutions for all occasions not just a set solution that may only apply in a very specific location/time/circumstance.

If you have a solution, you are set for a day. If you know how to ask questions, you are set for life!

Key takeaways in this episode:

  1. The right answer is only right for you (keep in personal).
  2. Don’t get hung up on what you think you should be doing, try stuff.
  3. Ask yourself why this happened so you can learn where the process is breaking down.
  4. Don’t reject an idea until you have tried it on for size.