Ep 34: Contingency Plans

Having a plan allows us to convert our intentions into action.  But having a contingency plan may be just as important. They allow us to recover when things don’t go according to plan. In this episode, we help you create your own customized contingency plan so that when life goes sideways, you can land on your feet instead of getting derailed.


No matter how well we plan, things will sometimes go sideways. We can either use that as an excuse to abandon our goals or we can pivot to a contingency. 

Having a contingency plan (and the ingredients to make that plan work) already in place can mitigate the stress rather than add to it.

Viewing a misstep as an opportunity to develop a contingency plan allows us to learn and develop more and more resilience.

In order for resilience to become a habit, we need to practice it – and that means creating and using your contingency plans again and again. 

Lab Experiment (Click here to download)

  1. Identify which of your plans get derailed most frequently. 
  2. Come up with 3 possible contingency plans that will help you minimize the damage instead of adding to the stress.
  3. Gather whatever information, ingredients, or materials you’d need to execute that contingency plan. 
  4. Keep your contingency plan in written form somewhere where you can easily access it when necessary.

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