Stress vs. Stressor

According to a recent survey by the American Psychological Association, 84% of adults reported feeling stressed out. Two-thirds say that they feel overwhelmed by the issues they face.

This is no way to live, much less thrive.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about the importance of distinguishing between stress and stressors. Because this can be the first step toward reducing their negative effects, both on our bodies and on our lives.

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How to turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones

Every path to success includes its share of stumbling blocks.

We may stumble when we’re trying something new and don’t yet know where the tricky parts are. (Fair enough!)  And then there are those things that we seem to stumble over and over again.  You’d think we’d learn how to avoid them! But one of the reasons that we don’t is that we focus on the wrong part of the story.

In this episode, we’ll show you how to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones on the road to success.

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It’s not me, it’s my ADHD (with Dr. Monica Johnson)

In this episode, psychologist Dr. Monica Johnson talks with Monica about the ways in which people with ADHD often struggle with various aspects of behavior change–whether that’s staying focused on the goal, following through on plans, or resisting impulses that lead them astray.  

It’s not just a lack of willpower or commitment. And there are some strategies that can help.

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Law of Subtraction: Why you should do less to reach your goals

When we become aware of a gap between our present reality and our desired reality, our inclination is to add something. A new practice. A new program. A new effort. When that doesn’t work, we go back to the drawing board and add another thing. 

What if the answer were not to add something new but to subtract something that is not working, or not pulling its weight? 

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The surprising ways expectations matter

Our expectations powerfully impact what happens to us.  If we believe something is going to help, hurt, suck, or be fun – our experience will probably fulfill that belief. 

But it’s not only that we behave in ways that fulfill our expectations or that we interpret what happens through that lens. Although both of these things are true.

Our expectations actually determine our physiological responses to inputs like diet and exercise and stress. 

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Rescuing $elf-Care from Consumer Culture

We’re told that self-care is essential to our well-being; it’s practically a duty! But it’s easy to confuse self-care with self-indulgence–and while indulgences can be fun, they don’t necessarily improve our well-being.

In this episode, we explore the difference between self-care and self-indulgence, so that you can make sure that the time, energy, and money you spend on self-care is actually moving you toward your goals. 

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Quitting for the Right Reasons

There are a lot of reasons you might consider giving up on a goal or objective. And sometimes, quitting is absolutely the right thing to do. Other times, though, we are quitting for the wrong reasons, for example:

  • Not seeing the benefits quickly enough
  • Fatigue
  • Anticipation of future fatigue
  • Perfectionism
  • Success would move us out of our comfort zone.

Quitting can start to become a habit–or even part of our identity. But so can Not Quitting. Which habit and identity would you rather strengthen?

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