Insight is worthless unless you’re willing to do this with it

If you are an insight junkie like me, always wanting to learn more and understand better, this episode is intended to be the tough love we both need.

A lot of the coaching I do involves helping people better understand what is (really) driving their behaviors. These things are frequently invisible or unacknowledged–and this can result in our acting in ways that aren’t aligned with what we say we want. 

Without insight into why we do the things we do, change can be very difficult. But the point I want to make today is that insight alone isn’t enough.

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Pushing past discomfort: How to create behavior change that sticks

Not only is it fun to share success stories, but there’s always something valuable to learn by hearing how people navigate the process of change. In this episode, one of our clients share some reflections on how has she approached her goals– and some of the surprising benefits that happened along the way.

Two things that I want you listen for:

Stephanie wasn’t just looking to create a certain result. She was specifically interested in making a change that would be durable. She didn’t just want to hit a goal, she wanted to create a new way of approaching challenges. (Spoiler alert: she succeeded!)

The other thing I want you to hear is the decision Stephanie made to not let discomfort be an an excuse for giving up. As you’re listening, ask yourself what discomfort you might be willing to lean into in order to achieve something meaningful to you. 

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Why workplace wellness is not the solution for burnout (and what is)

Everyone is burned out. Employees are burned out. Business owners are burned out. Caregivers are burned out. But the solutions that are being promoted are not necessarily what we need in order to solve the problem of burnout. 

Cassie Christopher returns to the Change Academy to talk about workplace burnout and the impact this is having on both employees and employers (and even the self-employed)–and how each has a different role to play in creating a healthier and happier workplace. 

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Why your attempts to solve the problem keep failing

If there’s an issue that you can’t seem to get a handle on, a goal that you’ve had forever, or a problem that just won’t stay solved, this episode is for you. We’re talking about why this happens–and how to get yourself out of this frustrating cycle.

Often, it’s because there’s a mismatch between the solutions that we are applying and the problem that actually needs to be solved in order for us to create the desired outcome.

In this episode, we cover how to know whether you’ve got the right solution for the problem, and how to stop spinning your wheels and start gaining traction on whatever it is you’re working on.

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Countering Your Addition Bias

Some new research caught recently our attention because it reinforces and expands on a concept that we introduced about 6 months ago in our episode on the Law of Subtraction. When we recorded that, we weren’t aware that our so-called “law of subtraction” had been studied by University of Virginia professor Leidy Klotz. In this episode, we explore some of that research and how we can use this insight to create better solutions to our challenges.

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